This One’s For the Girls (And Guys Too, I Don’t Discriminate)

24 Apr

Literally Patti Murin

I work out. Yes, I do. And I don’t love it, but I’ve learned not to hate it. It’s hell when I’m actually in class, feeling like a failing stripper-in-training as I pulse my hips to the sky until my muscles literally give out. But I can’t deny that I always feel better afterwards, and if I do it early enough in the morning, I can forget it ever happened until I have to do it again.

At Physique 57 the other day, frustrated with myself once again for glancing over at the woman next to me once every thirty seconds to make sure I was keeping up, I had a major epiphany. As much as we want to be “skinny” and “in great shape” and “healthy,” I don’t know that we ever give ourselves the opportunities to be truly satisfied with how we look and feel.

Think about it…

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Paklene ulice 7 – Salute de la familia

16 Apr

Filmovisanije - Bioskop na korak od vas

Paklene ulice 7 (Furios7) spada u kategoriju filmovi koje morate pogledati, čak i ako niste ljubitelj brzih automobila. Zbog svega što je ovaj film pratilo tokom snimanja, zbog sjajne glumačke postave, zbog izuzetnih akcionih scena, zbog Pola Vokera i onoga što mu se desilo, zbog emotivnog kraja, i nekog novog početka, ovaj film spada definitivno u kategoriju “must see or die “ ove godine.

Pored standardne glumačke postave koju čine neprikosnoveni Vin Dizel sa svojom partnerkom Mišel Rodrigez u ulozi Leti, Pola Vokera, zatim Džordane Bruster, Ludakrisa i Tajresa Gibsona,  tu su još i Dvejn Džonson (Stena) koji se pojavljuje od petog dela, Kurt Rasel u ulozi Gospodina Nikoga, i prelepa Natali Emanuel koju trenutno gledamo i u seriji Igra prestola u ulozi savetnici Deneris Targerijen. Ono što je svakako najviše upadjivo je to da se u ulozi glavnog negativca pojavljuje Džejson Statam koji je sasvim sigurno najveće pojačanje u…

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Working with horses

14 Jun

Working with Horses

Ian Somerhalder Foundation
Jelena Kukić
Serbia, Belgrade

Since I was a little child I have never had fear of any kind of animals. I remember when my mom and I would take walks and I saw an abandoned dog, I would go and pet him never thinking twice that dog could bite me. Then, before I turned seven, I saw a horse for the first time. Since then horses have become my only love and my world. Now I’m 20 years old and attend the University of Law in Belgrade where I live and, when I’m not studying, I’m at the hippodrome working with horses.

Hippodrome is a place where horses are bred. Typically race horses are bred, but there are some others bred as well such as Hanoverian, Holstein, Arabian, and Trotter. There are different disciplines of competition like show jumping, dressage, and racing, and there are also different horse clubs that offer horseback riding lessons.

How I got into horse rehabilitation

I attended horseback riding school for three years where I met a friend who asked me to visit the hippodrome to see her mare and how they work. I loved it and decided to join the club. One year passed and I met a lot of people and horses there. I had one horse I was working with, Pelegrino (thoroughbred), and he was an amazing horse. He was done with racing and competing, so I was training him to be calm for school and little kids. He just needed somebody to work with him constantly and, as I was on vacation from school, I had plenty of time. Soon Pelegrino’s owner had much more time to be with him, so then I began searching for some other horse who needed my help and I found Ramses.

Rehabilitating Ramses

I was at the hippodrome and found that I knew all the horses’ names except one. No one knew his name. I asked one woman who worked there and she told me that the horse hadn’t come out of his stall for one year. His chest was so small because he couldn’t develop properly, and without muscles he was like one big foal. He was four years old. I asked if I could work with him and eventually I was able to.  I named him Ramses. At the beginning it was a struggle. He was biting me, kicking, jumping like crazy, and not socialized. His box had never been cleaned in that one year he spent without getting out at all. The stable workers just gave him food and water without getting in his box and they never pet him.

Later, when he realized that I was the one helping him he was more calm and listened to me, and he learned commands like “no,” “stop,” and “come.”  He remembered everything. In paddock he was always going behind me, following me like a puppy and one trainer said to me like he’s not a small puppy, he’s a horse. My answer to that was he’s my baby. I socialized him with other horses, with my friends’ mare Klea most. Then came the day when was time to put a saddle on him and ride him. I was nervous. I let him run on the field so he could be totally relaxed when I put the saddle on. I had help putting the saddle and reins on, and when I rode him for the first time he was really good. After few weeks I rode him bareback, but of course not all the time because bareback can damage horse’s back and just give him pain in spine.

I worked with him from August until November 2011. Then he got a new owner and I went to see him in his new home in December and many times again this year. He is really happy there. He has a lot of kids who love him and I can visit him whenever I want.

Now I’m working with Mai Ra (Hanoverian), Titan (thoroughbred) and Oscar (American Trotter) and I love it.

Why I do it….

Most of all I love horses. I don’t compete at all, but I love to watch show jumping and horse racing. Also horses bring me peace (because Faculty of Law surely doesn’t!

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14 Jun

My one & only


Big Ben

14 Jun

Big Ben

Immediately fell in love with this thoroughbred /pura raza español/ champ 🙂

Enseguida me enamore en este caballo p.s.i.

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